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Delling Cloud is the leading cloud education software and solutions provider with thousands of clients in over 20 countries. Our vast experience and dedicated team of  professionals will help you to find solutions and tools to transform learning and teaching. 

Our main areas of expertize are student assessment, classroom management and data analytics. 

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1. Student assessment

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Make student assessment easier

Trelson Assessment is an application developed by Delling Cloud team member Online Partner for creating, administering and assessing digital exams in schools and educational institutions.

Trelson Assessment has been specifically tailored to Google Workspace for Education, resulting in an application that feels familiar to teachers, IT departments and students already working in a Google Workspace for Education environment, which in turn vastly reduces the need for extra administration and additional training.

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2. Data analytics


Organize and make sense of your data 

Delling Cloud uses EDUDATA.IO solution that provides educational data analytics as a service. EDUDATA collects, connects, transforms and makes sense of your organization’s data. By using efficient AI engines EDUDATA helps you to improve the way data is utilized to support decision making, educational strategy implementation and learning within education. is developed by Delling Cloud team member Cloudpoint. 

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3. Classroom management

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Easily manage your classrooms in Google Classroom

Classroom ToolBox enables Google Classroom users to administer and manage their classrooms with ease, providing greater control, flexibility and functionality over the management of each classroom as well as providing detailed reporting capabilities.

Classroom ToolBox was created as a collaboration with educators making extensive use of Google Classroom and is available in two versions, Classroom Toolbox Standard and an enhanced Classroom Toolbox Plus version that includes additional functionality. 

Classroom ToolBox is developed by Delling Cloud partner C-Learning.

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