Project Albus

Digital Transformation in Polish Schools


Key Findings from Project Albus

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Overview of Project Albus
The 'Digital Transformation of Polish Schools' is an innovative project conducted by Google in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science, Lenovo, Intel, CCT Poland, and an independent research team. The research aimed to confirm the positive impact of Chromebook devices and Google for Education on teacher effectiveness and student education. The data collected and analyzed using the SPSS tool showed statistically significant results, supporting the use of modern information and communication solutions in teaching and learning. While long-term durability cannot be demonstrated yet, continuing and expanding the project to other schools is necessary to showcase the preservation of these changes. Scalability is achievable, and ongoing teacher training and provision of tools and software are underway. With cloud technology and the Google for Education suite of apps, teachers and students can actively participate in the learning process anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Project Albus , click the link below;