Edudata is a tool for all education providers, from early childhood education to higher education, whose aim is to ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and maintain a secure learning environment. 
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Ensure that individual rights are respected in education 

It is the responsibility of the controller to ensure transparency in data processing. Edudata allows learners and their guardians to check the services used and the personal data processed. 

Transparency of data processing is an individual right under Article 12(1) of the EU data protection legislation. Each data subject and his or her guardian has the right to make a request for information to the education provider, which must be answered within 14 days. This will increase trust between the learner and the education provider and reduce the number of requests for information to the education provider.


Significantly save time on mandatory data protection impact assessments

Every data controller is obliged to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for all applications used. Edudata's experts will provide recommendations on all the services and applications in use, which will be used by the education provider to make a decision on the use of the service. 
The average time needed to complete the impact assessment and to familiarize themselves with the contracts for each individual service is between two to four working hours. With around 300 to 400 applications in use, the total number of working hours needed to go through the services is 1200. Using Edudata, the average time spent on impact assessment is from five to ten minutes per application, i.e. 30 to 60 working hours in total.
Data protection assessment is an annual activity. Edudata takes care of evaluating the services, notifying any occurring changes and maintaining a privacy snapshot of the education provider. 


Check the suitability of services for learning

Edudata has more than 3,500 applications added by educational institutions, for which Edudata experts have prepared impact assessments and recommendations for use in accordance with the legislation. 
The recommendations have been developed taking into account the suitability of the service for teaching from a curricular point of view and taking into account existing legislation.
Edudata also provides information on whether the app contains advertising or marketing aimed at learners.
Edudata also helps you to find new services and tools and to choose the most cost-effective services for your teaching.

LEARN MORE is used by more than 70 education providers

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