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You're in good hands - Delling Cloud represents the best of four international Google Cloud software solution providers

Delling Cloud was created  by Online Partner in Sweden, Cloudpoint in Finland, C-Learning in United Kingdom and Fourcast for Education in Belgium.  Each of them is a Google Premier Partner and a highly experienced cloud software solution provider. Through  Delling Cloud, this represents a combined revenue of over $15 million. 

Happy to help customers all around the world

We are like cloud services: we know no borders! Our clients are all over the world and they are many. We have  broadly 4 000 clients in over 20 countries and with more than 80 staff based in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Belgium. Most of us are Google certified professionals in his/her own area of expertise.

Four cornerstones - and much more 

We concentrate on providing transformation consulting, coaching & training as part of solutions and software for classroom management, student assessment and data analytics.

But that's not all! There are numerous ways how our team members can help you with cloud transformation. Whether it's Google Workspace for Education tools, Chromebooks, trainings or software development, our team is at your service. 

Members of Delling Cloud team


Online Partner, Sweden

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Cloudpoint, Finland


C-learning, United Kingdom


Fourcast for Education, Belgium

Proud Google Cloud Partner

All four Delling Cloud team members have a long history of bringing leading Google solutions and expertise to our customers.

As Delling Cloud we work even more closely and bring together the best experts of our networks to support the growing demand for Google Cloud services across the world.

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Our name - Delling Cloud

In Norse mythology, Delling is a god. Delling is the personified dawn. The dayspring, the shining one.