Concentrate on what really matters 

Technology can help you tremendously but it can never replace you, the educator.

Delling Cloud helps you to find and deploy cloud education software solutions that give you freedom not to worry about bytes, clicks and hardware.

We want you to be able to concentrate on your most important asset - your students.

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We can help you with this - and much more: 

Google Workspace Trials

Google Workspace for Education offers powerful tools to transform teaching, enabling scalable innovation in schools. Google Classroom streamlines coursework management and enhances differentiated learning for amplified teaching impact. Take a 30 day trial to see how Google Workspace for Education can benefit your organisation


Inspire students and enable educators with user-friendly devices that are easy to deploy, manage, and utilise. Chromebooks' cost-effectiveness empowers schools of all financial capacities to equip more students with devices and access to digital learning resources.

Chrome Flex

Chrome OS Flex boosts the longevity and performance of aging devices effortlessly through cloud-based features. By extending the lifespan of your computers, you actively support your school's sustainability goals and reduce electronic waste.

Chrome Licenses

Chrome Licenses make it easier to manage a fleet of chromebooks. Upgrade to Chrome Education for cutting-edge AI-powered teaching and learning solutions, seamless management tools, enhanced security, and much more. Elevate your educational experience with advanced technology.

Student assessment

Say goodbye to online exam hassle! We have solutions for creating, administering and assessing online exams, tests and examination preparation.


Show students how the school is using personal data. Manage the schools' Data Protection Process right with the solution. Have a local GDPR specialist and continuous training support.

Classroom Management

Classroom ToolBox enables Google Classroom users to administer and manage their classrooms with ease, providing greater control, flexibility and functionality over the management of each classroom as well as providing detailed reporting capabilities.

Training and consultancy

We want educators to shine! Our team includes Google Certified Trainers and Innovators who can help you to make the most of Google technologies. Reach the next level of your teaching skills!


Delling Cloud - a new dawn for teaching and learning

Delling Cloud is the leading cloud education software and solutions provider. 

We are a trusted Google Cloud advisor to more than 4 000 customers in over 20 countries representing a combined revenue of over $15 million. 

Our dedicated staff of over 80 Google Cloud professionals is based in UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Belgium.  We are happy to help you to find cloud solutions that make teaching and learning more impactful than ever. 

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Delling Cloud has happy customers all over the world

“Classroom Toolbox is the missing piece of the jigsaw for Google Classroom. It allows me as an administrator and educator to manage Classrooms effectively and make mass announcements, especially during this time where there is extended online learning.”

"With such a large number of students, our IT tools must work together in a simple way without becoming too cost-driving. The choice of IT environment was also facilitated by the fact that many of the students previously used Google. "

"Students have much broader tools to learn and demonstrate their skills. We continue to encourage the use of paper and pen, but now it has a digital side to it."

"It is very rewarding to learn at your own pace, adaptively, differentiated and online. The advantage of Schoolupdate is that all modules are focused on learning to teach with ICT and everything related to Google, Microsoft and media literacy."

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Best of Scandinavian education

It may be chilly there up north but when it comes to education, they have their heart and soul in it. World-renowned education solutions and innovative mindset have made countries like Finland world leaders in getting learning results that leave a mark.

Delling Cloud delivers you the best practices and huge experience that world's best education systems has to offer. 


Ask us about cloud transformation, we have an answer!

How could I use cloud technology in education?

The possibilities are endless and we help you to find the most suitable cloud solutions for you.

With the help of cloud technology you can transform teaching and learning to be more collaborative and help students turn in their best work with easy-to-use tools. Cloud technology makes organizing, managing and sharing information easy and less time consuming which means more time for teaching and being present for students. 

Contact us for more ideas! We've got thousands of clients using cloud technology in education. 

We don't know what to do with all the student data. What would you suggest?

We understand - amount of data can be overwhelming. Delling Cloud uses the EDUDATA.IO solution that provides educational data analytics as a service. EDUDATA collects, connects, transforms and makes sense of your organization’s data. By using efficient AI engines EDUDATA helps you to improve the way data is utilized to support decision making, educational strategy implementation and learning within education. is developed by Delling Cloud team member Cloudpoint. 

Contact us and we'll give you a free demo of Edudata!

I'm already using Google Classroom and need to manage multiple classrooms in my domain. Could it be done easier?

Sure! Our Classroom ToolBox solution enables Google Classroom users to administer and manage their classrooms with ease, providing greater control, flexibility and functionality over the management of each classroom as well as providing detailed reporting capabilities.

Contact us and let's have a call to see if this could be a solution for you! 

Student assessment takes too much of my time. What would make it less time-consuming?

We have a solution! Trelson Assessment is an application developed by Delling Cloud team member Online Partner for creating, administering and assessing digital exams in schools and educational institutions.

Contact us and we'll give you a free demo!

How can I start to use Google for Education tools?

We can help you! Our highly experienced team of education professionals around the world lead you to the world of Google for Education. We listen to you and your needs and make sure that the transition will be as smooth as possible.

Contact us and let's start the process towards more collaborative way of teaching and learning. 

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Whatever you need to know about cloud technology in education we most probably have been dealing with that already. 

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Our name – Delling Cloud

In Norse mythology, Delling is a god. Delling is the personified dawn. The dayspring. The shining one.