With developments being announced every day we will share how Google is continuing to add Al capabilities to the resources used by both teachers and students to better support their teaching and learning in a safe, controlled and trusted way.

Enabling teachers to use existing technology whether this be from Google or Microsoft from anywhere in their classroom to support students using their voice is key to reducing technology related stress and saving teachers time and we will share how the award winning AI / Voice Merlyn Mind is already giving teachers the freedom to teach. To access the slides used for the AI in the classroom event, click the button below;

Useful Links

Advice from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research on AI Chatbots by the ISTE / US Department of EdTech resources

Slides and recording from the AI for Inclusion webinar by Katie Nieves

 US Department of EdTech AI report

ISTE Mini book

One Useful Thing - a great resource for all teachers but especially those teaching in Universities and Colleges by Ethan Mollick - Associate Professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Emma Pass provides an exceptional resource that is a must-have for every teacher.

Stephanie Moore, an accomplished Instructional Technology Coach/Director at St Elizabeth School in the USA, has meticulously curated and generously shared an extraordinary collection of AI resources.

Check out this engaging video link from John Spencer, who is a  College Professor.



What is Generative AI and how does it work? What are common applications for Generative AI? Watch this video to learn all about Generative AI, including common applications, model types, and the fundamentals for how to use it by Dr Gwendolyn Stripling, Artificial Intelligence Technical Developer, Google Cloud




Above  is a captivating video from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, during his inspiring speech at the recent Inspire 2023 event. In this thought-provoking talk Satya emphasises the significance of staying grounded in the rapidly evolving world of technology, delving into the two fundamental aspects that will shape our technological future.

Firstly, he highlights the paradigm shift towards natural language as the user interface for all applications. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional graphical interfaces like keyboards, mice, and touch screens. Instead, our voices will become the primary means of interaction, making technology more intuitive and accessible than ever before.

Secondly, Satya discusses the power of AI and its role as a reasoning engine. He explains how AI will unlock superpowers within us, enabling deeper insights into the vast amount of digitised information available. With AI's ability to analyse and process data at an unprecedented scale, it will empower individuals and organisations alike to achieve more, revolutionising the way we work and make informed decisions.

It is great to see other organisations understanding the transformative potential of combining "voice" and "generative AI." in a safe, secure way. By harnessing these core elements, we can envision a future world of education where all teachers and students can work together to tap into their full potential. This vision signifies a new era of limitless possibilities, where technology becomes a catalyst for progress and empowerment.

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